Driving Range

Over 20,000 square feet of 419 Bermuda grass provides up to 40 individual hitting stations.  With a 28-day rotation, there will always be healthy turf on the tee.  The unique landing area consists of a variety of targets to improve iron play with two fairways extending to the end of the 330 yard landing zone.  

"Big Bombers need not worry…  Let the big dog eat because drivers are welcome!"

Short Game (Coming 2015)

An 80 yard fairway and target green is located to the left of the tee box.  Its design allows for practicing a variety of shots between 30 and 80 yards.  The undulations of the fairway will help to build confidence in one’s wedge game from side-hill lies.

Putting and Chipping Green

CORE Golf Center offers a state of the art putting and chipping green.  Whether it is 200 four-footers in a row or towering flop shots, the green at CORE Golf Center is up to the challenge.  The 4500 square foot green is designed to receive shots up to 30 yards from 5 different stations around the green.  As far as putting goes, it is the most consistent putting surface in the area.

Green Side/Fairway Bunker

Adjacent to the uneven lies area is the greenside and fairway bunker.  The most difficult shot in golf is a medium range bunker shot.  At CORE Golf Center, one has the ability to practice every type of bunker shot you can imagine from the deep face greenside bunker to the 200+ yards fairway bunker and everything else in between.

Uneven Lies & Rough Area

Most driving ranges have a flat tee box, a putting green, occasionally even a bunker or two, but they rarely have an area to practice awkward stances.  The uneven lies area is designed with the most challenging shots in mind.  Practicing shots from rough, uphill, side-hill, and downhill lies is essential to improving your game. 







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No other facility in the area gives you this opportunity like CORE Golf Center.